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Congratulations for finding this website. Though modest it may be, this site was created with the hope of concentrating as much technical know-how in the fields of electronics & computers as possible.

To the left of this text is the main menu; a table of contents showing all the material readily available to visitors, from electronics & IT-related tutorials, to a small selection of software downloads & interactive content.

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Site News

August 26, 2014


The forum has now been installed. PunBB & Ultra PHP Board were pretty good, but Simple Machine Forums has been installed because of its ease of modification, administration & because of how much more secure it is. However, the task of updating the existing tutorials on this site still remains.

Old News

June 10, 2014


After a year of being with BagelBox, the owner has decided to close shop to pursue other projects (& has done so quite abruptly, with no notice). So, after a month of delay, this site has finally come back online thanks to bananafish of bananabox. The forum needs to be brought back, while a couple of articles need to be updated (mostly due to age; link rot & the appearance of newer operating system versions are just a few of the things that need to be accomodated).

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